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About us

We would like to introduce Ready to Fight project to you. Ready to Fight’s Mission is to allow boxers to reach their full potential and build successful careers, giving them the tools they require to reach the next level.

Co-founded by Ukrainian World Heavyweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk, along with his team director Sergey Lapin, and Egis Klimas, an elite manager in the world of boxing.
The platform features over 1200 boxers, including global boxing stars, and is constantly growing.
Advised by boxing leaders: boxing manager Egis Klimas, 3x Award-Winning "Manager of the Year", globally renowned promoter Oleksandr Krasyuk and founder of "Rival" company Russel Amber, with 40+ years of experience

More and more pro boxers are joining our platform. Seize this perfect moment to back Ready to Fight and discover how we'll reward our early supporters. Join us now!